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Home Spun Style

Sitting on an Italian Beach in August, sweltering in 39 degrees I planned my Autumn/Winter 2012 photo shoot- I’d read 50 Shades in record time –that’s to say, record time for me!!!

The inspiration for the shoot came from an invite, to the opening of “The Courtyard”, near Settle, putting Shopping Tourism on the map in North Yorkshire. In the beautifully converted barn and outbuildings, you’ll find amongst others, Abraham Moon & sons, flagship store. They’ve been  creating  cloth in their  Guiseley  Mill  for 175 years! I guess they’ve witnessed and survived a few recessions in that time. Reflecting on the fact that through shear strength and determination and possibly a lot of luck, this Historic Mill has survived- the same attributes that helped our Yorkshire Lads and Lasses bring home 7 Gold Medals, from the Olympic Games….how could I not feel proud of my roots?!

So came my idea to show case Iconic Yorkshire Tweed in all its sartorial glory; what’s more, there wouldn’t be a grey-haired Geography teacher in sight!! And, high lighting the importance of supporting our remaining highly skilled, manufacturers of cloth here in the UK, when purchasing your next suit or jacket.

Has the current recession spear headed a look of understated luxury? It’s debatable, but if you’re interested, you’ll find the Union Jack, sewn discreetly on the INSIDE of these Garments!

Here are my fashion forward, younger than the average tweed wearer models, sporting some of Abraham Moon’s British Heritage Tweed- LET’S SHOW OFF!!!